Ministry to the Churches – Pulpit Supply

i-6Fxt73J-X3 PicmonkeyPFHM does Pulpit Supply Ministry, meaning that any time the Pastor has to be out of his pulpit for any length of the time, PFHM can be called on to fill in and preach God’s Word.

PFHM will minister to your congregation with 5 heart felt goals in mind:

  1. Pastor Don  will approach the time together as ministry. He is  not filling in to get experience or for the money (although a workman is worth his hire). He will be there to lift up the Pastor’s arms by being available heart and soul for the spiritual needs of the people.101_1869 Pickmonkey
  2. He is willing to preach. Sometimes short notice can’t be helped. Don will keep a sermon ready just in case a notice to come and preach is short.
  3. He will be considerate of the church he is preaching in. He is not to prove who is right or wrong in doctrine. He is called to preach/teach Gos’s Word, and use it to build up and encourage the body of Christ.
  4. He desires to always consider the context of his sermons. Situations may take place in congregations where  he may need to change the context of his sermon to effectively minister to the church body at that time.
  5. Screenshot 2015-10-12 15.54.57 PickmonkeyHe likes to arrive at least 30 minutes or even earlier. This helps him to pray with the ministry team and get prepared with any sound and technical support.

Pastor Don and Prayer For The Harvest desire is to be a blessing as much as possible to the Body of Christ.Screenshot 2015-10-12 16.31.08 Picmonkey